Take part in research

Research changes lives. By taking part, you have an opportunity to shape the future of healthcare.

Why your participation matters

Every time someone receives treatment for a health condition, it’s because of the many people who took part in health and care research. But to improve health and care for all of us, we need everyone to get involved. Discover why taking part in research matters.

Everyone can take part in research

There’s a role for everyone in research. You don’t need to be affected by the condition that is being researched to get involved. In many cases, you can take part if you have an unrelated health condition, or you don’t have a health condition.

Find out more in our who can take part page.

What types of research can I take part in?

There are three main types of health and care research:

  • health research
  • public health research
  • social care research

You can visit our what is health and care research page to find out more about each and how they all enable healthcare professionals to find answers to important questions.

Find your study today

Feeling inspired to take part in shaping the future of health and care?  You can search for a study to suit you using our find a study tool.

Giving your consent to take part

Giving consent means giving your permission to take part in research. On our consenting to a study page, you can read more about what this means and how it works.

As a legal requirement, it’s essential you understand this, but rest assured that your study team will talk through the consent process with you.

Supporting our research without taking part in a study

Taking part in research studies may not be for you. But you can still play an important role in shaping health and care. 

Find out about other ways to support research.