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St Mary's Hospital
W2 1NY

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Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Apricitabine, a New NRTI, to Treat Drug-resistant HIV Infection


Open to: All Genders

Age: 18 Years - N/A

Medical Conditions

HIV Infections

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Apricitabine is a new NRTI which is active against drug-resistant HIV. NRTIs are often included as part of patients' treatment, but many HIV-infected patients develop resistance to commonly used NRTIs such as lamivudine (3TC) and emtricitabine (FTC). This study will examine whether including apricitabine as part of patients' treatment is more effective than including lamivudine,when patients change treatment because of drug resistance.

Start dates may differ between countries and research sites. The research team are responsible for keeping the information up-to-date.  

The recruitment start and end dates are as follows:

Feb 2008

Jan 2010


Intervention Type : Drug
Intervention Description : 800mg BID apricitabine orally for 48 weeks

Intervention Arm Group : 1

Intervention Type : Drug
Intervention Description : 150mg BID lamivudine orally for 48 weeks

Intervention Arm Group : 2

You can take part if:

Inclusion Criteria: - HIV-1 positive with M184V/I mutation in reverse transcriptase; - 18 years of age or older; - Currently taking lamivudine (3TC) or emtricitabine (FTC) Exclusion Criteria: - Female patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding; - Current hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection; - Current treatment for hepatitis C virus infection; - Renal function not adequate

You may not be able to take part if:

This is in the inclusion criteria above

Below are the locations for where you can take part in the trial. Please note that not all sites may be open.

  • St Mary's Hospital
    W2 1NY
  • Royal Free Hospital
    NW3 2QG
  • St Bartholomew's Hospital
    EC1A 7BE
  • Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
    B9 5SS
  • Guy's King's & St. Thomas' School of Medicine
    SE5 9RJ

The study is sponsored by Avexa

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